We’re past half-way!

My poor, sad, neglected blog, I have missed you!

It turns out I am terrible at keeping this thing updated, specifically in the summer when life gets busy. I would much rather be outside spending time with my kids than inside typing on a computer. You can’t blame me, can you? But, a lot has happened lately and we’ve hit some important milestones, so I figure it’s about time for a Squishy update.

To start, I am now 24 weeks pregnant. Yah, you read that right, 24 weeks! That’s almost 6 months! It also means that baby could survive outside the womb, but we’re not ready for that to happen quite yet. Last month, at about 20 weeks, my H and I got to head out to the east coast to visit C&J, meet some of their family and of course, their fur babies, and see Squishy’s nursery. We got some pictures taken and even got to see Squishy’s perfect little face on 3D ultrasound. Then 2 weeks later was our anatomy scan. I know that ultrasounds aren’t 100% reliable, but I think I can already say that there is one cute little baby growing in there. C&J have decided that they are not going to find out the sex of the baby which I find very exciting.

Now that we’re in the second half of the pregnancy I have started getting my mind wrapped around the birth part. I delivered the twins via C-section, because both of the little buggers were breech. But, we are hoping that I will be able to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) this time. I had a much easier time recovering from my daughter’s birth than I did the C-section and would like to avoid an epidural at all costs. Plus, if I have a VBAC the hope is that both C&J would be able to be in the room along with my H. I would kind of like Squishy’s parents to be there for the birth of their baby! So, I am currently working on the Hypnobabies home study program in hopes for a calm, stress-free delivery for everyone involved.

Next month C&J are finally coming out to visit us. C hasn’t met our kids yet, so that will be very exciting. M can’t wait to meet Squishy’s mommy. We’re also hoping to arrange a hospital tour and maybe even schedule a midwife appointment so everyone can meet our midwife. Appointments have been going well so far but it feels like there is something missing when C&J aren’t there. It is their bouncing little baby in there after all!

So, 16(ish) more weeks, and Squishy will be here. So far I have been feeling well. I have the typical pregnancy symptoms (round ligament pain, stretching ab muscles, sore ribs and back, insomnia, heartburn, etc.) but really nothing that I can’t handle. I keep reminding myself that this is a breeze compared to the twin pregnancy. I’m trying to stay as active as possible, which I think is really helping, so hopefully the weather cooperates well into the fall. I don’t want to wish this last month of summer or the next 16 weeks away, but everyone is very excited to meet Squishy!


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