It’s March!!


This will be a quick update, but I’m so excited and needed to get it out somewhere.  I can’t believe that March is here!  When C&J and I matched in November it felt like our transfer would be forever away, but the past few weeks have been flying by.  I started Estrace last week to start thickening up my uterine lining and start progesterone very soon.  Yesterday I had my lining check and after an agonizing 24 hour wait, we finally got the results not too long ago.  My lining was at 7.5mm, which is good for where we are in the cycle!  The egg donor has been having her checks as well and things are going great with her.  By the end of this week her eggs will be retrieved and fertilized, and C&J’s little embryos will grow and wait for me!

So, next week is our week!  NEXT WEEK!  We’ll head to Toronto to meet C&J, and the next day one of their embryos will cozy up to their temporary home in my tummy. This is it!




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