A Real Update! It’s a match!

Finally!  After having this decision weigh heavily on me for a few weeks now, I am finally thrilled to announce that we have officially matched with C&J, the couple we met through the surrogacy service.  I FaceTimed with C last night to give her the great news, and we’re both so excited to finally get the process going.

So, the coordinator has sent our information to the fertility clinic in Toronto and to both of our lawyers so we can get the contract and medical screening processes going.  We’ll each have our own lawyers to make sure we’re both being represented fairly.  C’s egg donor will start cycling for egg retrieval in the new year, and obviously all of that will need to be scheduled before I go for the transfer.

I’m really crossing my fingers that my medical screening can be scheduled the first week of December because C&J will also be in Toronto at the clinic for J’s sperm retrieval. It would be a great time to meet in person.

Anyways, this is short and sweet (and unedited) because I am crazy busy and have kids to pick up, but I wanted to give that brief update.  It’s all happening!


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