A little reflection and reminder

With American Thanksgiving this past weekend, I noticed a lot of my American friends reflecting on what they’re thankful for this year.  Many people posted about their partners, children, other family members, and their health. When other people reflect, I tend to do the same. That, along with some of the conversations I’ve had with […]

Step 1: Screening

My screening in Toronto has been scheduled for the beginning of January, less than 2 months away. My H will be coming with me, which will be a nice mini one-night getaway after the holidays. The egg donor’s screening will be around the same time, at which point she’ll begin cycling for egg retrieval. My […]

A Real Update! It’s a match!

Finally!  After having this decision weigh heavily on me for a few weeks now, I am finally thrilled to announce that we have officially matched with C&J, the couple we met through the surrogacy service.  I FaceTimed with C last night to give her the great news, and we’re both so excited to finally get […]