Holy emails, batman

What a week!

Last week I let you all know that we had decided to move forward with surrogacy, and that I decided to sign up with a support service that helps connect intended parents and surrogates.  I signed up and had my phone consultation later the next day, and things went great.  I was accepted into the program and my profile was set up for intended parents to look at.  I was told to expect 1 or 2 emails within the first few days, so I was a little overwhelmed when I opened up my inbox the next day to find 6!  As of Sunday I had received 10 emails from intended parents who were interested in my profile.  It was a bit overwhelming, but incredibly humbling.  Reading their stories reaffirmed why I want to do this.

There were two couples that emailed us whose profiles stood out for me.  One couple was international and one from Canada.  My H and I had decided that we would prefer to work with someone as close to home as possible, so I have started emailing with the Canadian couple, C & J.  We have only exchanged a few emails so far, but so far she sounds lovely.  We’re just getting to know one another right now, and neither of us has made a “move” towards making a commitment and matching yet.  I’m actually not even sure if she’s talking with any other surrogates right now, which is fine, because we are also discussing a potential surrogacy arrangement with a local couple.  From what I have heard from other surrogates using the same service is it’s pretty common to get to know a few intended parents or surrogates before deciding on a match, so I shouldn’t be worried about leading anyone on.  This makes sense, I guess.  It’s a pretty big commitment for both sides.

Now that things are moving along, some other questions have come up, like how this is going to affect my work.  I’m more than likely going to need to travel for medical and psych testing, then if all goes well for a transfer.  My supervisor is pretty understanding and my job is fairly flexible, but I do wonder when the appropriate time to tell work is going to be.

Anyways, that’s about as much of an update I can give you right now.  Hopefully we’ll hear back from the local couple soon and conversations with C continue to go well!


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