Did I make a mistake?

I’m feeling very unsettled this morning and need to get some things off my chest. At the beginning of this process H and I decided we would sign up for the support service in case things with the local couple didn’t go ahead.  In doing so we met another great couple, C&J, who we have developed […]

Holy emails, batman

What a week! Last week I let you all know that we had decided to move forward with surrogacy, and that I decided to sign up with a support service that helps connect intended parents and surrogates.  I signed up and had my phone consultation later the next day, and things went great.  I was accepted into the […]

And the verdict is….

After many conversations and a lot of reading we have decided that… We’re going to go ahead!  I am hopefully going to become someone’s surrogate! H and I have decided that we are going to get signed up with a surrogacy support service.  We looked into a few different services and have found one with […]

Fears and Considerations

My husband has read both of my blog posts so far and said to me the other night, “So you’ve made up your mind then, we’re going to do it, right?”  I guess it could read like that, since I’ve really only posted about the good things about surrogacy.  But there are a lot of […]